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Professional Training                                                    $100-$300/course (contact us for details)


Our Senior Consultant has a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, several years of experience as a mediator, and has served as a consultant to several international organizations and to governments. He is the author of four books dealing with international conflict, more than sixty articles dealing with intercultural conflict, and is the creator of the Human Security Theory of Integrative Negotiation for Sociopolitical Conflicts.


We provide professional consulting services in international business, management, international trade, non-profit leadership, and international relations.


- Business Plans
- Consulting and Performance Evaluation
- Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility
- Lobbying in Central America, Europe, and Asia
- Public Relations
- Environmental Management
- Sustainability
- Organizational Behavior
- Trade Negotiations
- Etc.

professional Training

Mediation, Facilitation, Arbitration, Strategic Marketing and Sales, and Systems Design

Consultants and Some Successful Projects

In addition to our in-house expert consultants we have access to a wide network of international consultants, Politicians, Academics, and Entrepreneurs in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. We have worked with governments in three continents as well as with a vast array of international organizations and Multinational Corporations.

Some successful projects conducted by our affiliated consultants


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